About Public School Citizen

     I am a public education advocate, and was proud to serve as an elected member of the Jefferson County Board of Education in Louisville, Kentucky from 2006-2014.  I learned by listening to amazing educators and wise community leaders about how to support public education, as well as listening to the conversations about public schools from the neighborhood level to highest governance positions.

     There’s a high-level dialogue about public education that swings from positive to negative, with many who seek the spotlight voicing an inaccurate picture of our public schools.

     Words matter. They get lodged in our public perceptions, creating a narrative that doesn’t reflect the real story.  There’s so much more to the public education story, and much worth applauding in Kentucky and across the country.

     It is my desire to share what I believe is the real story of the excellent work occurring today by teachers, administrators, bus drivers, parents, financial managers, board members and – of course – students in our schools.  I don’t ignore challenges, but will address them as just that: challenges to address. Not challenges that cause us to get off track.

     The stakes are high: public education is the most serious public business we are about as a community, a state and a nation.

     We must continually renew our resolve to support public education. There’s always more promise in building something up, than in tearing it down.


1 Response to About Public School Citizen

  1. Deborah Walker says:

    Debbie: I enjoyed your post on fans and recognition for the talented teachers and administrators in the district. My most recent blog was also on engaging with schools, specifically on parent engagement. You can read it at: http://ctlonline.org/the-importance-of-parent-engagement/.
    Best Regards, Deborah Walker

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