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I served on the Jefferson County Board of Education, Louisville, KY, from 2007-2014 and continue to be an advocate for public schools. There’s a high-level dialogue about public education that swings from positive to negative, with many who seek the spotlight voicing an inaccurate picture of our public schools. Words matter. They get lodged in our public perceptions, creating a narrative that doesn’t reflect the real story. There’s so much more to public education, and much worth applauding in Kentucky and across the country. The stakes are high: public education is the most serious public business we are about as a community, a state and a nation. We must continually renew our resolve to support public education. There’s always more promise in building something up, than in tearing it down.

The Author of the Roe v. Wade Opinion: A Man of Faith Who Saw Compassion in the Bible and the Constitution

The current tension over the issue of abortion made me think about the man who wrote the Supreme Court decision defining the legality of abortion in the United States. The man was Harry A. Blackmun, U.S. Supreme Court Justice from … Continue reading

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